Oldcastle Coastal

Oldcastle Coastal is a local brick paver manufacturer we purchase some materials through.  Oldcastle was previously Paver Systems, however Paver Systems was bought out by Oldcastle and rebranded as Oldcastle Coastal.  All in all, not much changed in the finished product as a result and this is a good thing!

Historically, Oldcastle Coastal has been one of the more robust, highly thought of brick paver manufacturers in the state of Florida.  They have several manufacturing plants and their product selection is arguably the largest and most varied around.  They make and distribute everything from run of the mill brick pavers to antique pavers and clay pavers to retaining wall blocks and outdoor kitchens.  They have something for everyone.

Here are some of Oldcastle’s more popular brick paver color blends:

In addition to its product offering, we think Oldcastle’s biggest strength is its tumbled paver products.  Their tumbled pavers are absolutely beautiful. They call them their “Antiqued” line and generally encompass their Begerac line of pavers, however, they can “Antique” any line of their pavers.  Below, we’ve listed several pictures that fall into this category.  The main appeal for a tumbled paver product is that it looks weathered, but is manufactured to look that way.  Most of the time, fake antique-ing doesn’t look good, but the good news is with pavers it can.  After the pavers are made, the manufacturer puts a load of bricks into a large drum.  Inside the drum, there are large, heavy steel balls.  By turning this drum over and over it circulates the pavers and the large steel balls causing a weathering affect, or pre-mature aging process.   This is why they are called tumbled pavers, they are literally tumbled with other pavers to achieve the desired affect.

Now that you’ve seen some of their more popular color options, we want to share with you some of their pictures related to each project type.  While we did not install these pavers pictured below, they are courtesy of Oldcastle Coastal, these jobs will give you an idea of what is possible with Oldcastle’s products.

Oldcastle Driveway Pavers

Oldcastle Coastal Pool Deck Paver Pictures:

Oldcastle has one south Florida show room located in West Palm Beach.  While we do install pavers that far north, we generally reserve those trips for larger projects, say 3,000 square feet and up.