Paver Manufacturers

South Florida Pavers

We install brick pavers throughout South Florida.  Thankfully, there are more paver manufactures that service this area of the U.S. than any other!  Can you believe that?  Florida is a hot bed for brick pavers.  In turn, we have relationships with 4 leading manufacturers who have production facilities or can deliver their products to South Florida Pavers. Now, this is both a blessing and a curse.  With more options, comes decision paralysis.

Our specialty, however, is being able to discuss your objectives with you, understand what you want and what you need.  There are several factors that come into play – budget, job type, job location, personal preference for colors and shapes, and the time frame for job completion. As you might imagine, with six manufacturers backing our business, there is a decent amount of overlap between each company and their products, but each company really does have a niche product or specialty they focus on.

Schedule a free estimate with one of our expert paver consultants and we will walk you through the decision making process for which paver manufacturer’s South Florida Pavers are going to be the best fit for you and your project. Below is a list of our preferred vendors.  Most of them have at least a 20 year warranty on their brick paver products.  Having that piece of mind is key to differentiating pavers over other product options like concrete, tile, stamped concrete, and asphalt.

Click on the links below to visit each manufacturer’s page:

Artistic Pavers
GEM Pavers
Oldcastle Coastal
Tremron Pavers