Driveway Pavers Miami

Nothing enhances your home’s curb appeal more than a brick paver driveway. Replacing a drab, cracked, moldy concrete driveway with pavers is a decision you won’t soon regret. We are the driveway pavers Miami experts. Our beatiful brick pavers are installed throughout South Florida.

Here’s how we deliver a final product that exceeds expectations:

1. We have a free consultation with you. At this meeting we will quote the project and discuss paver colors, shapes, patterns and we’ll show you pictures of driveway pavers throughout Miami.
2. We sign a contract, order your materials and coordinate installation and delivery dates with you so there are no surprises.
3. Our professional and expended crews will remove your existing driveway with care to disrupt your yard. If irrigation has to be moved, we take care of it for you.
4. We excavate both your existing driveway and dirt beneath so enough base material can be properly installed and compacted beneath your new brick paver driveway. Our standard is to compact both the soil before base material is installed and then we compact the base material as well to ensure a rock solid base.
5. We install your pavers per the pattern specifications we’ve already discussed. This includes laying the pavers, cutting the borders, installing concrete edge restraints and compacting sand in between the paver joints.
6. Finally we will clean your new driveway and pick up any debris we’ve created through the construction process. If you’ve elected to seal your pavers (which you should), we will return in 4-6 weeks to apply the sealer.

So this sounds like a lot, but depending on the size of your driveway, some jobs can be done all in one day!

Let us show you how we can improve your home with a free paver estimate.