Artistic Pavers

Artistic Pavers is a paver manufacturing company headquartered in South Florida.  They also have a manufacturing facility on the west coast of the U.S..  Artistic Pavers’ products are second to none.  They specialize in making paving stones which are made of unique materials and colors.  If you are thinking of true addition South Florida look and feel with light, tropical colors and visible sea shells in the stones, then Artistic Pavers has something for you.

Artistic’s pavers are a premium product when compared to regular, run of the mill concrete brick pavers.  On average, they run about $2.00 more per sq. ft. to purchase and install.  A lot of our homeowners as why should they consider Artistic’s products over brick pavers?

In short, they share a lot of the same characteristics – they are both installed over a sand bed, concrete pavers and Artistic pavers can both withstand free/thaw, if one breaks it’s very easy to replace, both use cement as their bonding material and it costs the same to install them from a labor perspective.

So then, why pay more?  Artistic Pavers’ are different.  They have different look, feel, texture, and design when compared to traditional brick pavers.  They have are made to be denser than brick pavers so they are more resistant to algae and mildew growth.  Artistic also uses custom materials in the manufacturing process such as shells, conchs, and even glass to give their product a different appeal.  All in all, Artistic Pavers are a great alternative to brick pavers if you want to truly separate your home’s pavers from everyone else.

Below are some pictures of Artistic’s color blends.  *All pictures on this page are from Artistic Pavers manufacturers and intended to demonstrate their quality products*

Below, we are showcasing some more photos directly from Artistic Pavers website – artisticpavers.com.  A lot of these projects are in and around South Florida.  The companies involved in installing these jobs truly craftsmen at what they do.  Although these photos are not from our job sites, we can create or re-create anything you see here.  Enjoy!