Pool Deck Pavers

Pool Deck Pavers


Is your pool deck cracked and ugly?  Are you thinking about building a new pool and are trying to decide what decking you should go with?  Pool Deck Pavers are the best solution for both issues.  You can easily remodel an existing deck with thin  pavers or using thick concrete pavers to build that new pool deck of your dreams.


Most of our residential clients are interested in remodeling their existing pool decks with pavers.  In that instance, you would most likely use thin, one inch remodel pavers.  Thin pavers are the preferred product to use on top of an existing concrete deck due to the coping pieces which are installed around the perimeter of the pool.  Coping, as pictured below, is the rounded piece that is installed around the pool edge.  The size of the bullnose in proportion to the thickness of the pool deck pavers requires remodel pavers to be one inch in thickness.  The good news is that one inch, thin concrete pavers are made specifically for this purpose – to remodel existing decks and concrete slabs where there is just pedestrian and no vehicular traffic.


When you install thin pavers over top of an existing pool deck we install them on top of thin bed of sand to smooth out any imperfections in the existing surface.  If there are any cracks in the existing decking we will fill those as well to prevent the sand from filtering out as well.  Overall, installing thin pavers on top of an existing pool deck is a great choice and it comes with a 25 year warranty.  Since the pavers float over top of the existing concrete and they are not adhered, you don’t have to worry about settling or cracking.  If the deck beneath settles and cracks, it will not cause the pavers floating on top to!


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