Brick Pavers Miami

So you want brick pavers?

A lot of the time, we hear clients say they are deciding whether or not to install brick pavers or go with another product type (stamped concrete, tile, cool deck, etc).  Here’s the deal, unless you simply cannot afford any of the products previously mentioned, including pavers, and you are forced to go with something very cheap like asphalt, crushed stone, or plain concrete, then your decision should be pretty straightforward.  Brick Pavers Miami is where it’s at!

Here’s a little pro and con list for brick pavers:


  • Same price or often cheaper than stamped concrete, tile, or cool deck
  • 25 year warranty against manufacturer’s defects (cracking)
  • Easy to repair
  • Arguably more aesthetically pleasing than stamped concrete, tile and cool deck


  • More expensive than asphalt, flat concrete, or crushed stone

In short, pavers last longer, look better and aren’t more expensive than other product options.

We are the brick pavers Miami experts.  Our staff of highly experienced brick layers can transform your home or commercial property.  We service all of South Florida and we love our jobs!  There’s nothing better than being able to help a homeowner upgrade their living space.  Give us a call today to see how can help you.  Whether you want to install brick pavers over your pool deck, driveway or you want to build a new outdoor space, we can walk you through every product option out there.  We strive to help homeowners with unique approaches to their pavers and spaces.  Our brick pavers miami services are second to none.