How much do pavers cost?

So, how much do pavers cost?  If you are on this site, chances are you are trying to answer this question.  Unfortunately, the answer can be quite complicated depending on the type of project and what you currently have going on in the area you want the pavers to be installed.  But for the purpose of this post, let’s use some general examples.  All of these prices are only applicable to pavers installed in Florida.  Outside of the state of Florida, pavers are 2 to 3 times more expensive, but that’s another post for another day.

First off, most of our jobs have a minimum price of $2000.  Why is that?  

Every single job has fixed costs associated with it, regardless of size.  If you want a simple 20 ft by 10 ft patio (200 square feet) or a 1300 square foot driveway, you have to consider our fixed costs:

  • Labor – $500 – our crews have a minimum daily wage of $500 and they are paid by the job specifications beyond that
  • Pavers – depends on the quantity – a good rule of thumb though is $1.50/square foot for our cost on the pavers alone
  • Delivery – $200 – $600 – depending on the amount of pavers you need and the location of your job, plus other delivery costs for sand, cement, base material
  • Disposal – $200 – $500 – depending on the amount of waste from your job site, our disposal fees are in this range for most jobs
  • Miscellaneous Materials – $200 – sand, cement, base material
  • Fuel – $100 – $200 – this is to get our crews and foreman to and from the job site
  • Concrete Blades – $150 – blades that are used to cut pavers are large, circular, diamond blades

So, as you can see, for us to come out to install what you might think is a small job, we have to spend upwards of $1650 to just get there and do the work.  

(Labor $500 + Pavers (200 sq.ft.) $300 + Delivery $200 + Disposal $200 + Misc. Materials $200 + Fuel $100 + Concrete Blades $150 = $1650.00)

Some ballpark prices for common jobs:


Pavers over existing concrete –

400 square feet = $2100

800 square feet = $3500

Pavers installed where there is currently grass, dirt, rocks, and/or mulch:

400 square feet = $2600

800 square feet = $4300


Existing concrete, asphalt, or gravel driveway that is going to be replaced by a new brick paver driveway:

600 square feet = $3500

1200 square feet = $5800

Pool Deck

Existing pool deck where we will install pavers over the existing surface:

600 square feet = $4300

1200 square feet = $ 6300

Again though, the only way to truly know how much your job will cost is by taking advantage of our free estimate.   The purpose of this blog post is to help educate you as a consumer and also empower you with enough information to know whether or not it makes to call us based on your budget and your job.  The beauty about this industry is that everyone is basically on the same level when it comes to job costs, what separates our company from the rest is our quality assurance process, our professionalism, our attention to detail, and leaving every job with very happy clients.  We look forward to helping you further!